You really have become my guiding light and I've shared your page several times with my fellow Etsians. Sound and smart advice and guidance! Know you are appreciated. I'm so looking forward to your fall series. I'm soaking up EVERYTHING from you because everything you say just makes sense!'

Just popping over to say a huge thank you for all your tips recently. I've picked up loads of things that have been very handy. Big, big, thank you

The Literate Stitch

A couple of months ago I asked you about increasing interaction on my page & you gave me advice around engagement and asking questions to my customers building up trust. Since doing this I have noticed that my interaction talked about figures have gone up people are engaging more in my posts and we are building up trust which had resulted in a few more sales! 
The Little Treehouse Children's Boutique

I started to make jewellery as a hobby in 2010 since then i have gathered various skills, which has caused customers at work, friends and family to say "oooh you should sell your creations". I fumbled around with advertising, a single fair and a couple of car boots. I found i wasn't doing very well and started to get frustrated and looked for help. I immediately found Marketing Creatively and since then everything has changed for my business and I! Using the 50 "cardinal rules" (as i call them) and every single piece of information i can suck from your blog, I am starting to expand my reach ten fold, i am finding networking much easier and much more focused, I am now blogging, which to my surprise is a big hit, and i am also planning to do tutorial videos and contact my local newspapers and such to get a bit of coverage. All in all I can't thank you enough. You have been such a great inspiration and help and I know I couldn't have done it without your support, and the support.

Freya Lucy Elizabeth

"Thanks Lisa for your precious tips and links to websites!"
- Florence Langowski, Tatiflocreations

Thanks Lisa, I do really appreciate your advice and help - you gave some good tips the other day so again I appreciate the advice you have given me :) 
- S.R 

Thanks for understanding the situation - I'll go and sign up for your emails, thanks so much, you are so kind. 
- C.H

Thank you so much Lisa for your time I really appreciate it, at least I think I'm on the right track! S.B 

Thank you so much Lisa Barton - you have been a wealth of knowledge and made it all seem so manageable I hope I do your advice proud.
- V.S  

Thanks Lisa! That's great information I never knew! 
- S.F

Thanks - I'll be spending this evening reading up! 
- V.L

Brilliant suggestions - I love the idea! Thank you! Your suggestions are switching the bulb on in my head
- K.S